From the Expat Woman's Covid-19 Hackathon (5 Days), my team and I created a social/career networking platform to match unemployed women with mentors.


COVID-19 will worsen the gender gap and is already disempowering many women across the nation.


  • Light User Research and Interviews

  • Wireframe and Prototype

  • Icon and Illustration

  • Styleguide

Design process



User Interview

My team and I interviewed as many potential users as possible within 2 days. We gathered data from 50 users looking for a job.


Design Sprint

After conducting user interviews and research, the priority is to figure out the necessary features to implement. Data results show networking as a number one needed feature from users, so we focused on a mentor/mentee networking feature. Understanding that the front dev engineer needs a structure for the website, we wanted to make sure the features we have make sense and that the rough wireframes is clear enough for handoff.


Create a Brand

Knowing who the users are, I wanted to find a mood that clicks with the audience. Since our mission is to connect people on a more personal level, the website should have a simple, light, and friendly atmosphere.

User Persona
User Persona

My team created this user persona based on the data from User Research.

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Lo-Fi Wireframe


Rapid Prototype

I led the design sprint for the design team. Due to the time limit (we had to produce wireframes for the front dev engineer by a certain time), we condensed the typical design sprint to a few hours and successfully created a strong user flow.




Visual Design

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