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Project Name

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Design Challenge

There are many competing recipe apps in the market that appeals to different types of audiences. I wanted to create a focus and create a recipe app for busy people who meal-prep for health or budget reasons. 

Research and MVP

Research and MVP


User Research

I interviewed 5 potential users to learn more about their lifestyle and find emerging patterns from the answers.


The main draw for cooking at home is having full control of the ingredients. Budget is important but a secondary reason to meal-prep.

Most of them wanted to eat healthier or eat more vegetables.


Create Persona

From the user research results, I created 3 personas with different lifestyles but with similar goals.


Define MVP

The MVP objective became more clear after conducting the research and creating user stories. When they cook, they are looking for something that is straight to the point without extra bells and whistles like videos (viewed only as inspirations or entertainment) or stories behind the recipe. 

MVP Objective:

To encourage meal preppers to cook at home more by personalizing recipe searches based on their lifestyle.

Userflow and Wireframes



After finding a feature to focus on, I did a userflow map for each one.

Rapid Prototype

I did a series of one-minute sketches to visualize the user flow more and have a general idea of the layouts.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

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