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Cozy MMO Game

• Drove the style direction of the UI for the cozy MMO game, Palia, by establishing a UI design system in Adobe XD
• Create UI Mocks for PC and Switch platforms
• Import assets into Unreal and provide engineers asset documentations and feedback
• Provide feedback to peers to maintain style consistency
• Work with multiple teams by adapting to each team's work process


Define Player Base

To build a friendly community


Find a Mood and Style

Simple and Friendly Style. The goal is to use UI as a supportive frame for the game content. It should not visually overpower the content itself. Use mostly flat graphics. Soft gradients.


Design for MVP

Provide mockup screens that focuses on the MVP



The original direction was to create a light mode design. But the team wanted social features of the game such as chat and the social panel to be emphasized, so a darker theme was chosen instead. Texts read better in dark mode and contrast is more fitting for chat messages.

UI Mocks

PC and Switch Platform


PC to Switch Design

Redesigning the PC design for console

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